Powertone Pilates

“Shapemaster have found an optimum way to keep people fit and healthy through safe shaping of the human body” – Dr. Baker, N.A.S.A.

It is now possible to perform over 20 different exercise functions in only 30 minutes – with GREAT RESULTS!

Posture Pullover

Designed to strengthen the upper body and improve posture whilst working on those “bingo arms”.

Flys & Thighs

Targets wobbly thighs whilst improving your bust line and toning your upper arms. Also increases mobility in the hips and shoulders.

Tummy Crunch

Hate sit-ups? Sore lower back? The Tummy Crunch is here to help! Perform 75 easy sit-ups in 5 minutes whilst flattening and toning your entire abdominal region.

Waist Away

Everyone loves the Waist-Away! This machine creates a trim waistline whilst adding strength and flexibility to the lower back.


Targets the hips, buttocks, lower back and legs all at once!

Bums & Tums

This machine will create buns of steel. Designed to firm and lift the buttocks, whilst increasing core strength. An added gentle vibrating massage also helps to detoxify & reduce cellulite.

There are 6 main principles of Pilates:

  1. Concentration
  2. Precision
  3. Alignment
  4. Fluidity
  5. Breathing
  6. Pelvic Floor


Have you experienced back pain?

Are you sick and tired of conventional gyms that play loud music?

Do you want to feel great and look good?

We all know exercise boosts your immune system and releases “feel good” endorphins, which means we guarantee you will walk out feeling better than you did walking in.

Pilates is best performed in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere where the user concentrates on their Body, Mind & Spirit. Talking is kept to a minimum to allow for proper concentration.

Powertone is a 30 minute circuit, designed for those with minimum time who want to see maximum results. Each machine is used for 5 minutes, where you will be focusing on your core muscles, pelvic floor and the six main principles of pilates.

Alignment is imperative on each machine to assist with your workout. Trained staff are on hand to supervise and assist wherever needed. There are also alternative movements that can be shown as you advance so that your routine circuit does not get boring or feel like a chore.

We are living longer, which means we need to start maintaining our bodies if they are to last us another 40+ years. It’s not about the quantity of life; it’s the QUALITY we should be worried about. With 8 speed settings, we tailor your exercise routine to your individual needs. There is no need to overwork your muscles – pilates works better slow!

So, what are you waiting for?! There has never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to get healthy & happy! Get in touch!